Some post simple notes of thanks, straight from the heart. Others post poignant photos. Still others post inspiring video messages. People from across the country (as well as more than a few cute pets) have expressed their support for caregivers via Cleveland Clinic’s online Kudoboard since it was launched in March.

Thank you to all that have given their time and talents to help those in need.  You are TRUE HEROES. So many have missed their own families to help strangers. You are truly amazing and very appreciated! God bless you all.— Lisa Burgess

Person leaning against glass with arms out

“Huge shoutout to the awesome team on H81 and all involved at CCF for making this possible for Drew and his family.” — Melissa N.

My father was a doctor, and I know how hard you work under ordinary conditions. These are no ordinary conditions, and it takes so much heart and will to do what you are doing to take care of people who must be isolated and often intubated. Everyone on your team, from the doctors and nurses to the paramedics and housekeeping staff, plays a vital role in saving lives, and we thank you for all you give to that effort on every shift.

Laura Rushton
Young Boy standing in front of chalk drawing that says hope

“More encouragement from my grandson.” — Patti Stief

a picture of 6 nurses is PPE gear

“Thank you from the Dialysis Department to all of the healthcare staff that has been working together during this pandemic. TEAMWORK AT ITS BEST!”
— Tracy Coates

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