Photos: Stephen Travarca, Dana Hoff and Carrie D'souza 

Grace under pressure doesn’t begin to describe it. Over the past few months, often amid the most difficult of circumstances, Cleveland Clinic caregivers on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world have risen to unprecedented challenges to put patients first. We wish we had space to introduce you to all of these extraordinary professionals. For now, meet just a few of the caregivers whose selfless dedication gives all of us hope for better days ahead.

Dr. Allamby posing for a photo with his hand together
Michael Szego posing for photo with hair covering, face mask and protective eye wear on.
Maidana Vacca posing for photo with her hands clasped
Allen Conners in protective medical gear from head to toe
Debasis Sahoo posing for photo with arms crossed wearing a face mask
Jennifer Adamski posing for photo in uniform
Brian Shields eyes closed, head tilted down toward his hands that are close to this face, grasping each other
Mary Liotta posing for photo with hands clasped
Dani Brewers posing for photo wearing a face mask
Ahmad Nusair posing for photo with arms crossed