Calling All Candlelighters

Photo: Stephen Travarca

Shortly before longtime Cleveland Clinic benefactor Morton Mandel passed away, he did an interview for this issue of Cleveland Clinic Magazine and shared a beautiful metaphor. Philanthropy, he said, is like lighting candles against the darkness.

A few months earlier, as part of our Power of Every One campaign, we announced a $23 million gift from the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation to establish Cleveland Clinic’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute.

That’s a very bright candle—but many more are still waiting to be lit by your generosity.

Our Power of Every One Centennial Campaign has generated support from donors in every state and around the world. As we close in on our $2 billion goal to coincide with Cleveland Clinic’s centennial in 2021, we have no intention of slowing our pace. In fact, we aim to accelerate it.

When you support the mission of Cleveland Clinic, you’re building on a long, proud history and extending a legacy of lifesaving advances in education, research and world-class care for anyone and everyone who may need it.

Every gift matters, regardless of size. Every gift makes a difference, with 100% of your contribution funding the work of Cleveland Clinic. And every gift is one more shining candle that makes the future that much brighter.

For all that you do ... thank you.