From Panama with Love

“I give because I can and to plant a seed and the example in my grandchildren,” says VeloSano supporter Maruja Arosemena de Feliu.

Maruja Arosemena de Feliu made gifts to VeloSano with grandchildren (clockwise from left) Jimena, Daniel and Carolina. | Photo: José Gregorio León/Photogonko

Why I Give

In June, Maruja Arosemena de Feliu of Panama City, Panama, read the Philanthropy Institute’s monthly e-newsletter. Its story about Owen Timura, a 12-year-old cancer survivor who was about to ride in his third VeloSano “Bike to cure,” caught her eye and captured her heart. In fact, Feliu was among hundreds of people across the United States and beyond who were inspired to give after reading Owen’s story.

Owen’s participation in VeloSano raised money for cancer research programs at Cleveland Clinic. His goal was to raise a total of $10,000 in his three years of riding. He was a little over halfway there at the time his story broke in the e-newsletter. By the time of the VeloSano ride in July, he had far surpassed his original goal, raising $20,786.

Feliu made three separate gifts of $500 each to Owen’s ride, noting each of her grandchildren on the gifts. She explains: “I give because I can and to plant a seed and the example in my grandchildren. I want them to learn solidarity and grow up feeling empathy for humanity, especially for those who need a little of what we can contribute. Every donation made has been discussed and decided with my grandchildren so they can expand their minds and hearts.”

Why I Participate

“We’re all in this fight together,” says Matt Litzler. “For a lifelong cyclist like me, VeloSano is an opportunity to give back through the sport I love. One of my VeloSano teammates experienced successful new treatments developed at Cleveland Clinic, so somehow our small part in fundraising helped in his fight with cancer.”

Because of VeloSano...

…a minimally invasive immunotherapy is being developed with the aim to more rapidly treat the most aggressive form of brain tumors and pre-vent recurrence in both pediatric and adult patients.

…a robotic system is being built to control the evolution of cancer cells in the lab to speed the under- standing of how cancer beats the best drugs available today.

Since 2014, 125 cancer research projects have been made possible because of the generosity of VeloSano donors. These projects are advancing cancer treatments and moving science toward a cure.

Everyone has had cancer affect their lives, whether they’ve been personally touched or know someone who has. That’s why funding for cancer research is so important.

Thank you! With your support, VeloSano raised $4,725,810 in 2019 for cancer research programs.