The Gratitude Sessions

What compels us to count our blessings and to give thanks?

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Gratitude. We’ve all felt it. But what exactly is it? A spontaneous emotion? A lifelong mindset? Maybe both? What compels us to count our blessings and to give thanks?

Here at Cleveland Clinic, we love sharing stories about people whose generosity makes a difference for the greater good. We also love sharing stories about people who are the beneficiaries of that generosity. These two sets of people rarely have an opportunity to meet, however, let alone to share their stories with each other, face to face. Until now. 

Enter “The Gratitude Sessions.” 

The concept was simple: Bring together folks from both sides of the giving equation. No script. No guidelines. No big agenda. Just put them in the same room and see where an open-ended discussion in the spirit of gratitude leads. 

The results were emotional. Powerful. Inspiring. See for yourself at, where you can stream every episode of “The Gratitude Sessions” on video. And on the following pages, check out excerpts and candid photos from just a few of the conversations. 

Along the way, the most wonderful thing happened. Time and time again, people who greeted each other as strangers said goodbye as friends. See, that’s the thing about gratitude: It’s a two-way street. Those who receive aren’t the only ones who have reasons to be grateful; those who give do, too. Gratitude is the glue that binds us in our shared humanity. 


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We want to thank the stars of “The Gratitude Sessions,” our friends from all walks of life who came from near and far to meet each other and speak their truth in front of our lights, cameras and microphones. Working on this project over the past six months, we’ve learned so much from them. We hope you will, too. 

If you’ve enjoyed this sampling from “The Gratitude Sessions,” we invite you to watch the entire series online. 

We also want to hear your story. Why are you grateful? Let us know! 

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