Half-Full and All-In

Photo: Dale Lewis

At the end of each year, one particular individual, team or group is honored for their exceptional efforts and contribution to VeloSano and cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. 

The recipient of the 2022 All-In VeloSano Award is Claire Firrell of Independence, Ohio, a member of the VeloSano Living Hope community representing the resilience of cancer patients and survivors. 

“The community aspect of VeloSano Bike to Cure is something that I’ve always found to be quite unique and quite motivating,” Firrell says. “It’s so great and so supportive that you can’t really put it into words, until you’ve been there and done it.”

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Claire Firrell has participated in VeloSano Bike to Cure every year since 2018. | Photo: Dale Lewis


The 2022 All-In VeloSano Award winner credits her family for their support. From left are Claire Firrell and her children Ben, Patrick and Chloe.

Despite several surgeries and hundreds of rounds of chemotherapy over the past few years, she refuses to let her life be clouded by the shadow of cancer. She has participated in VeloSano Bike to Cure every year since 2018, raising more than $61,000 to support cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

“It’s a real return on investment here, the way every dollar raised goes right back to the research,” Firrell says. “It’s a wonderful model, and it’s a real honor to be part of it.”

She considers herself to be a glass-half-full kind of person. Her outlook: No matter what’s going on, there’s a silver lining to be found.

Throughout her cancer experience, people have proven to be a silver lining. From her co-workers to the VeloSano team to other Bike to Cure participants, everyone has been a special part of her journey.

Firrell also credits her family for their support. She hopes that her drive sets an example for her three children. 

“I think it’s good for them to see,” she says. “It’s kind of been a blessing in disguise, in terms of planting these little seeds. There’s a lot to be thankful for.”