A Better Tomorrow: 100 Years in the Making

Photo: Stephen Travarca 

From the very beginning, when our founders looked beyond the battlefields of World War I to envision a new model of medicine within a multispecialty group practice, Cleveland Clinic has been a forward-thinking institution. Dwelling on the past has never been our forte. Our sights have always been set on what comes next.

The theme of our centennial sums it up nicely: “The Future of Healthcare Since 1921.”

Nevertheless, it would be unthinkable to mark such a significant milestone without pausing for at least a little retrospection. We’re proud of our history, after all.

It’s a story about leadership in patient care, research and education. It’s a story about relentless innovation. And it’s a story about a resilient organization with humble beginnings that overcame disaster, made a commitment to its community and grew into a global health system.

In the pages that follow, you’ll meet larger-than-life trailblazers, unsung heroes and all kinds of remarkable characters in between. Some made headlines. Others worked quietly behind the scenes. One way or another, all of them left their mark.

Our caregivers continue to inspire today, too. As I write this, the world is at war again, this time against a microscopic enemy. Confronted with the greatest health crisis of our lifetimes, Cleveland Clinic’s team of teams has answered the call with determination, selflessness and unwavering dedication to our patients and to each other. When we exceed the sum of our parts, not even a pandemic can stop us.

Much has changed over the past 100 years, but the mission of Cleveland Clinic remains the same. Provide better care of the sick. Investigate their problems. And educate those who serve.

None of this would be possible without our supporters. Like a golden thread in a tapestry, your generosity is interwoven with our legacy. Thank you for allowing us to dream bigger and to go further than we ever could without you.

On behalf of our entire Cleveland Clinic family, I hope you’ll enjoy this special commemorative issue of Cleveland Clinic Magazine. Look back on the history of Cleveland Clinic, and you’ll see that we’ve been looking ahead all along.

Tom Mihaljevic, MD, is CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic.