In the 1990s, Cleveland Clinic boldly branched out beyond its main campus in downtown Cleveland, acquiring other hospitals throughout Northeast Ohio to create the Cleveland Clinic health system. Marymount Hospital was the first to enter the fold, in 1995. Then came the Fairview Health System (including Fairview Hospital and Lutheran Hospital) and Lakewood Hospital in 1996; the Meridia Health System (including Hillcrest Hospital, Euclid Hospital, Huron Hospital and South Pointe Hospital) in 1997; and Health Hill Hospital (now Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation) in 1998.

“Our philosophy is that patients should, for the most part, stay in the neighborhoods where they live for their medical care,” said Cleveland Clinic Chairman and CEO Floyd Loop, MD. “Our belief is that by strengthening our healthcare delivery system in these local communities, we add greater value to medical care all across the region.”