(left) male surgeon looking at patient, black and white. (right) female surgeon looking at patient

Photos: Cleveland Clinic Archives (Dr. Effler) and Stephen Travarca (Dr. Karamlou)

Donald Effler, MD, seen at left in the early 1970s, was a cardiovascular pioneer at Cleveland Clinic, where he led a team that made great strides in open-heart surgery and bypass surgery. That legacy lives on today in caregivers such as Tara Karamlou, MD, MSc, pictured at right in 2020, a surgeon-scientist who specializes in complex congenital heart disease and a leader in congenital cardiac surgery clinical research. Between the two photographs, the differences in everything from technology to attire are striking. But this much hasn’t changed: our Patients First approach to care and our relentless drive to innovate.

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